How Art Changes Our Life | Blog | Live Free Ink

How Art Changes Our Life | Blog | Live Free Ink

Posted by David Braun and Zoe Papas on Apr 25th 2018


Brainstorm by Jim Warren

How does art change our life? Well, lets take for instance, Steve Jobs. He was very smart but lacked focus and motivation in his early pursuits. He ended up dropping out of college yet continued to sit in on creative classes. After this, he designed video games and traveled before founding Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak. He was the artist of technology, Jobs considered both form and function in creating his computers. So not only did they "look cool," he made the operating system friendly and efficient. As a result, his technology had a worldwide impact. Even today, there are countless iPhones, iPads, and Apple computers in use and more and more companies are being inspired by Steve Jobs' artful approach to technological design.

When you consider this, you can begin to see how art is everywhere. From branding, to buildings, to vehicles and right down to the chair you are sitting on.  The creative mind sees endless opportunities and is constantly looking for innovation. Most people walk by and never realize the art that is around them.

Live Free is an art-inspired company. Here at Live Free, we work with artists to create beautifully designed products. In our clothing and decor lines, we run with the idea of combining a piece of beautiful artwork with an item you can use everyday. We hope our mission and products can inspire you. Just think, you can have a closet full of wearable art or a doormat with artwork to welcome you inside. We also sell wall art and tile murals to spruce up your home decor and add inspiration to every room in your home.


Right now, Live Free has four exceptional artists, Jim Warren, Kim Braun, Michelle Mardis and Ray Domingo. Come take a look at our store and maybe it will inspire you!

There is also a new gallery in Clearwater Beach called Seahorse Gallery, located at 61 Baymont Street, which features two of Live Free's favorite artists, Kim Braun and Jim Warren.


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